*WEDNESDAY’S WETDAY’S: Your wetday’s our worries😏😏

*Fantasy Tit Bit’s:JUDGEMENT:

      Everyone has a weakness,a gap in the castle wall that weakness is usually:

-an insecurity,-an uncontrollable emotion/need,-or even a secret desire.

Either way once found,it is a thumbscrew you can turn to your advantage. .Welcome to Wednesday’s wetday’s guy’s & thanks for viewing. . 

 On Sunday I received this intriguing email(view above) from a reader Jane,who seems to be having a tough time. .pondering over it through Monday & Tuesday, here’s F.D’s response to Jane:

     *Dear Jane, the email you sent to me is very compelling, candid & honest. .that I totally do appreciate. .I have thought over & time again about how you feel & I think you really do need to carry out some in depth analysis of your emotions. .you see you’re definitely going through a complicated phase right now (the teen phase): your hormones are up & about. .during this time you’d feel a lot of resentments,confusions,uncertainty & LUST.

  It is what it is. .your Friend Anne seems to be more developed physically than you & you’ve obviously noticed that, you are just being attracted to her whole physique & it’s Like an extension of what you’d really want to see yourself become. .Jane also know this,we live in a global &digital world(this is our generation’s gift) your sexuality is your choice & choice’s are supposed to be carefully made because they stick with one for Life. .I trust you’d make the wisest of decisions Jane & be patient nature has it’s way of settling the Unknown (Fate it is called right). .

   Thanks: F.D!!!

& that about does it for my response to Jane, what do you think Jane is really going through!? 

For more suggestion’s (whatsoever) & observations do send F.D a mail to:realfantasyduke@gmail.com 

And do not forget to keep a date with me for my series *THURSDAYS TROUBLES: as I address a very compelling Email From another reader. .

Thanks For Viewing Once Again

Lot’s Of Love F.D😄😄




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