•STREAK:yes I’ve been bullied!! Grow Up Bullies’ Cos I have. . .

  • Fantasy Tit Bit’s: most of Us are timid,we want to avoid tension & conflict and we want to be liked by all..we may contemplate a bold action,but we rarely bring it to life cos of all the BULLIES & TROLLS prowling around. .I dedicate this streak to ’em immature bullies & trolls and I say GROW Up DAMN YOU!!!. .😒


         I have dealt with bullying in the forefront before,at that time it’d affect me psychologically so much so that you can as well say I was at the borderline of depression & total seclusion. .

The truth is that we all have gone through such similar experience in one way or the other & here’s my story:

        In my early teenage years,I was what some folks would term a ‘Tom-Girl(if there’s any term like that):

  • My Voice was sharp & squeaky
  • I Loved the colour Pink(yes I did)
  • I even drew flower’s & star’s
  • I would associate with girl’s more
  • & hey I’d even laugh like them

Was I doing all this intentionally!? Absolutely not because it was who I was at that point. I was never confused about my gender at any point in time but not everyone understood this & it did get me into some hot water in certain cases. .And that became a reason as to why I was bullied Verbally, Physically & Online. .

Been bullied was one of the factors that made me want to withdraw from society & social gatherings:

  • I avoided large crowd’s
  • I hardly spoke except when spoken to
  • I had sweaty palms & could hardly breathe

You may say I was just typically shy or timid but no I was not any of this,I was totally insecure & uncomfortable with Me : and I Could not even talk to my Parent’s about it because they never for one day believed or made me feel I was any different from my brother’s (that to which I will forever Love them for)

All this Trauma got into my head and I came down with an anxiety disorder and became depressed: I was placed on anti-depressants & sleeping medication’s so as to keep calm & stable. .

Do I feel anger toward my bullies for making me go through such an Ugly tale at such a young age!? NO totally not: In short I’m Grateful of some sort,you know why!? Because I know There are individual’s out there who have gone through worse & yet are still Living and doing great,and by the way bullies y’all made me to go work on myself,build my Self Confidence & self esteem,made me realise that I did not really have to pay attention to all those Negativity. .& know this 

I was Beautifully & Wonderfully Created & y’all Bullies and Troll’s out there:go get a Life for crying out Loud you’re getting Old & Miserable!!!

Thank You So Very Much For Stopping By . .Please do keep a date with me For : *Fashion FabFriday:I’d be hosting some fabulous young Ladies. .Namaste☺☺



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12 thoughts on “•STREAK:yes I’ve been bullied!! Grow Up Bullies’ Cos I have. . .

  1. What you have said is absolutely true; we must not change for the world, but let the world change for us. Even though I’m in my early teens, I have experienced bullying which led to my extreme shyness; the truth is, I honestly don’t care about what others think of me anymore. We should embrace ourselves, because we are all beautiful and special just as you said. I’m terribly sorry if this seems like I’m ranting! 😛 your post is truly powerful; thanks so much for sharing your story 😊


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    1. Oh My God Aqsa:you’re the Powerful One. .& please you’re not ranting at all,I’m glad you decided to weigh in on this,I need more open minded & intellectual soul’s like you in my Life right now. .So Much Grateful for you Love. .Thanks Once Again!!😊😊

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      1. Your kind words mean so much; I thank you for that ☺ . And it’s really no problem at all! We are all powerful when we share our passions and thoughts with the world; as long as it comes from the heart is all that truly matters. Thank you so much for your kind words once again! 😊😊

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  2. Thanks for following my blog. I really feel bad for what you had to endure, but you were able to rise above and become your own man, despite whatever had happened in your past.
    I can identify with what you went through to a degree. I was never bullied, but very much a loner and uncomfortable with people. Glad you hung in there.

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    1. Wow!! Such Powerful & Inspirational Word’s Coming once again from An awesome personality!! I am so very much glad for your kind word’s & also chipping in such wise word’s of wisdom!! Hope you know that those that didn’t get a chance to know you,missed out on a Lot Of Goodness!! Thank You😄😄


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