*Thursday’s Tale: Still Single??Ain’t Bother Searching!!!

Photo Courtesy: Tom

     Hello & thanks for visiting. .today being Thursday I ought not to publish any article, as there are no scheduled series. .But my ability to remain audacious is what it is(I’m obviously obsessed with this new found Love “Blogging” )& Grateful to every single individual reading all my post’s: Namaste

And now permit me to hand over the reigns of today’s blog post to my guest blogger: Teejay Jones!!

  •   T.J:My attention was drawn to a recent article online, about a forum that bashes & makes fun of single female celebrities: & Sadly enough a lady who’s work I Love & appreciate so much dearly by the name LINDA IKEJI was distastefully trolled(all due to the fact that she’s Still single even in her thirties). .

  And it’s for that same trolls & slander,that I beg to tag today’s piece :*Always the Bride’s Maid Never the Bride. .      

                   The above image Is that of a Popular Nigerian Blogger Ms.Linda Ikeji,in recent years she has being an astute feminist & a voice for the upliftment and recognition of gender equality in the so called ‘No Thank You I’d rather be Self-Made’ Campaign & it is no new news that as a result of what she does(Celebrity Blog & Lifestyle Gossip) she has had some recent rows with personalities in the entertainment industry & her status as desperately single & searching has being a  hot topic on which she has been brutally attacked. .

But come to think of it,this pretty lady is not married,neither does she answer’s to any man but already Worth’s Billion’s of Naira,is very influential & making headline’s around the region & globe basically. . .Now this take’s me to my next point:(see image below) 

Sometime last year Ms.Linda Ikeji got into quite an ugly row with some Miss Teddy skitt(now infamous of cos) whose unintended publicity on LIB(Linda Ikejis Blog),gave her some 15minutes of fame(well I never expected it to be more than that). .her infamousity was nothing more than a charade,a mere parade of the moral decadence and notoriety for which she tried to promote after posting an after sex video,with alleged ‘Boo’😵😵. .

& it did not go down so well with Uptight Feminist Ms.Linda as she addressed the issue against the Lady selling herself so short to temptation’s & sexual pleasure (but it’s a Free world though! Or ain’t it?). . 

Miss teddy skitt in her ignorance tried going against Ms.Linda & referred on Twitter to Ms.Linda as an Ugly Single Bitter Grandma(Teddy She’s a Freaking Rich Self Made Billionaire Grandma My dear,someone I wouldn’t mind been hooked up with)😳😳😳. .

    This was a Guest Blog & in no way,refers to the Opinion & thought’s of the Admin:Fantasyduke!!



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