• Fantasy Tit Bit’s: Fashion is more than just what you wear,or the trend’s there in. .Fashion is an expression, an emotion,a world of it’s own,your ability to bring down barriers & set your own stereotype. .Fashion Is Life!!😄😄

    Welcome dear reader’s to Fashion Fab Friday. .😇😇

      Today I’ll be guest blogging on two wonderful & inspirational Ladies:Miss Esther & Miss Favour (See Picture Above). .they are both powerful, influential Fashionistas & trendsetters in their own field. .

       My knowledge of these beautiful Ladies goes way back to our days together in High School,memorable & amazing moments when going against the rule books to reshape and restyle School Blouses & Skirts into something different that Of course, had the effect of ’em both standing out(as fashion rascals obviously)& occasionally getting detention(Heey we all did this at some point😉😉)

       Ms.Esther & Favour have a great sense of style(I’m sure you noticed), that will make a fellow girl envious and stare in awe at such elegance, a gent Left speechless and in total disarray only to have all ’em Fashion Lover’s Pray & wish Upon a shooting star to get a taste of their world:#Queening(their awesome fun filled world)😂😂


       . . .Babe’s it is only a matter of time,before you both start rubbing minds with all ’em Power movers & shaker’s in Aso.Rock,Probably pairing Up & making the Likes Of ‘BOLA TINUBU seem Like amateurs in the field Of Politics,negotiating with ’em gray suit bureaucrats & who knows maybe forming the #LOLAGBONSKI(pun intended) Party & becoming the First Joint President & Vice.President that this Great Country Nigeria needs at a time of economic backlog/RECESSION,terrorism & regional insecurity. .

        Your Sexiness portrays an aura,an audacity of Hope(that’ll make all ’em Terrorist’s Lay down arm’s & beg for amnesty). .and an audacious move that’ll make Obama wink twice.

    Lot’s Of Love Ladies. .😘😘 & Keep doing your thing. .

    #Slay #Feminism #FashionFabFriday #Queens #Guests 

    •      That about does it for this week series of F.F.F,do keep a date with me as I bring you more article’s & content on what STYLE truly is_GOING AGAINST ALL ODD’S. .
    • & remember the Comment & Observation Section is always Open For your Kind Kind Opinions

    Lot’s Of Love F.D: Have a Wonderful weekend!!



    I Blog On Relationships,Lifestyle & Pop-Culture •Free spirited •Goal getter •Adventurer •Aspiring Model •Your go to Personality Thanks For Visiting☺☺

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