SATURDAY’S SECRET’S. .don’t hush’ speak out. . .

Welcome to our weekend series. .Today I’m going to be addressing a mail from Joseph as he candidly speaks out on his closeted secret:being an ONLINE PERV. .😢😢

Here’s the email sent in:

We all are aware that discussing & sharing one’s problem is the first step to finding a Solution that work’s!!

After carefully deliberating & thinking of a response to suit Joseph’s Need,here’s what F.D came Up with☺☺:

     ‘Dear Joseph. .I received your mail and it sounds like you really might get into trouble if you continue with this odd habit of stalking/pestering. .Listen it is not wrong to want to meet & interact with other individuals online, I mean we are in a social world & digital age right?? but joe it has to be done the right way. . .I Feel you’re lacking company since you claim this habit started after your breakup. .

      Joseph good & healthy social interactions at this point in time and in your life is what you need. .you are already on track by being open about it. Whenever you have this desire to supposedly roam the net,take a step back,think or visualize and fill your mind with something erstwhile. .(what you feed your thought’s with is what you constantly meditate on). . .& continuing with such habit’s has the risk of it growing into something far worse & Ugly. .

   Research also show’s that individuals who engage in Unhealthy Social interactions online are bound to be miserable. .I trust you have a lot to think about Mr.Joseph

  Do have a Lovely Weekend & Thanks for reaching out!!☺☺

That about does it for today’s series & thanks once again for Viewing.. .

Lot’s Of Love F.D!!😊😊



I Blog On Relationships,Lifestyle & Pop-Culture •Free spirited •Goal getter •Adventurer •Aspiring Model •Your go to Personality Thanks For Visiting☺☺

2 thoughts on “SATURDAY’S SECRET’S. .don’t hush’ speak out. . .

  1. Wow!!!
    Joeseph is really conscious of his behavior.
    I have come across guys like joeseph..
    I do love ❤️ to flirt and sometimes tease tease these guys.. but some do become pest.. and I have to end up blocking..

    It’s all fun …Sometimes…

    But you just have to know when to back off..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello. .you are most definitely correct & thanks for sharing your amazing experience & wisdom on the Issue. .I’m certain it’ll aid Joseph in one way or the other. .So Grateful & Thanks For Reading!!☺☺


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