‘DISABLED’ but NOT: ‘deterred’,’discouraged’,or put ‘down’. . .

Moment’s With F.D:

  *Welcome to today’s series which will be geared basically towards celebrating Nigerian’s doing amazing & spectacular work both at Home, Abroad & in the Diaspora!!!.  .

   My Guest Today is a Known name: Ms.Yeasha(Life or Living), Founder of the enthralling online show:’At Random With Yeasha TV(ARWY TV). . .

   Ms.Yeasha is: Very Daring. .She’s Strong.Very Fierce & Humble: “A tough Fighter and Free Spirited Individual. .

  Join Me After the Cut,to see full details on my Very Captivating interview with Ms.Yeasha,as she take’s Us into her Professional, Private & Very Public Life. . .

Bio: Ms.Yeasha is a 23(soon to be 24)year Old Lady who is the founder of ARWY TV,an avid blogger at(atRandomWithYeasha.WordPress. Com)& an On Air Personality in one of the Northern State’s most prominent radio station. .In my Short time to getting acquainted with this beautiful Lady,I have come to realise her Lovely & Down to earthedness. .More On this Rare Gem Below☺☺. .

[1/14, 19:29] #FD: Ms.Yeasha,what exactly do you do!?

[1/14, 19:39] Yeasha: Officially I do nothing(I’m job hunting) but unofficially I’m the creator of an aspiring online tv called ARWY tv. I get the  content and edit it -the videos- on my phone. I do interviews with interesting people.. and when I’m lucky, I get celebrities. My last interview was with DIJA( A Famous Nigerian Artiste)and my next interview is Ric Hassani.  I’m also into writing and smartphone photography…. everything I do is on my smartphone.. .


[1/14, 19:40] #F.D: That’s Amazing you really are breaking ground’s Literally.  .

How Did you come about Creating ARWY TV?? Is there a story behind it?

Because Obviously it’s making waves Online & it got people talking!

[1/14, 19:44] Yeasha: Thank you 😄

[1/14, 19:49] Yeasha: It began as just At Random With Yeasha … a YouTube show where i interview people th

at I find interesting.

At that time I was doing an internship at liberty Radio so my guests were people that worked there.

[1/14, 19:53] #F.D: Wow. .so you’ve had some Level of experience too as an On Air Personality!?

[1/14, 19:58] Yeasha: Yeah Definitely and One of the people I interviewed now works in Washington DC at voice of America. Another person is an amazing writer that published a novel about sickle cell that got rave  and another is the General manager at the radio station. I was so honoured that they honoured my request to come on my show. At that time I was borrowing my friend’s camera. I was interning at the time the radio station was developing their tv side and I was friendly so I was privileged  to see how things worked and that inspired my new found love for being in front of a camera .. & confidence too. .

[1/14, 19:59] #F.D: Ms.Yeasha You’re a Goal Getter Obviously. .

So Much Achievement’s must come with added pressure you know,how do you Like Deal with all this!?

[1/14, 20:00] Yeasha: Theres a Lot Of Pressure i must confess. .I worked a 10 pm to 5 am shift sometimes alone but most times with great partners and 

I loved it! My schedule basically was,from Sunday night till Monday morning.. a lot of people had work but I kept them till 5 am talking and enjoying good  music.

[1/14, 20:03] Yeasha: Ill never forget that experience and F.D,

 I don’t really feel like I’ve achieved anything yet. I need what I do to help another human being… only then will I feel I have achieved something. .

[1/14, 20:06] #F.D: Excellent response.

Now with ARWY TV who exactly are your target audience?

[1/14, 20:11] Yeasha: Thank you!!

 That’s just it. I want it to reach out to everyone! That’s the whole point of the “Random”.. that’s why I’ve made it have so many different segments to showcase different things just like different shows on a TV channel. If you don’t like the famous show UGLY BETTY , you might like The Originals or vampire diaries.  . and so far I’ve seen people of different ages enjoying at least one segment. A friend of mine told me that His Father enjoyed one of my YouTube videos  and said to give me a thumbs up .. I felt so happy! Young and old enjoying what I post. .

[1/14, 20:20] Yeasha: Even different religions .. christians, Muslims, Hindus,  yes, even jews.. or at least  one Jewish friend I have liked them.

[1/14, 20:20] Yeasha: And people of different ethnicities too,

 Indians, Philippines, Brits, Ethiopians, aaaah the list is long and thats just the people I know. .

[1/14, 20:23] #F.D: Ms.Yeasha you saying you’re not an achiever is a total understatement

 I mean so much People Reached & with such purpose.

No wonder the buzz online. .

[1/14, 20:25] Yeasha: Hahahahaa.. there’s so much more to be done! Thank you

[1/14, 20:25] #F.D: Most Definitely true. .So Much More awaits & that brings Us to the next question. .Where do you see ARWY in the next 3years & is there any Detail that Makes the ‘ARWY Brand’ Unique & different from other contents out there?

[1/14, 20:35] Yeasha: I HOPE it becomes big! I started it for the passion but  I hope it brings in money which is how I can help people .I hope by the next 3 years it’s full blown and one of the top online TV channels.. and I hope to bring some of the segments into real TV like the interview segments and 

#Yeasha:What makes ARWY different is how random and unpredictable it is. Actually, all the segments are things I like and because I’m so random myself, I like a lot of Different things and so the show is sort of ME in a way and we’re all special so there’s no one like me and my show. Lol. .

[1/14, 20:40] #F.D: That’d Be Amazing. Ms.Yeasha according to your Instagram page you were obviously very honest on your Bio about your Disability (mind me). .How has that affected or impacted you,or the work you do!?

[1/14, 20:54] Yeasha: It’s not adisability, I’m not disabled, I am deformed. I am able to do everything.. I can drive a car, a bicycle, I can run, I can write, I can jump, I can dance ( for my mind.. lol ) and many other things maybe even better than “normal” or “abled” people.. But I just look different doing it -hence the deformed -I was formed differently  like driving for example, I look different doing it cuz of my hands but  I’m better at it than a lot of women AND men . Yes, I said men. Lol.. .

[1/14, 21:06] #F.D: Hahahaha,I Love the Humor You Put into everything. .wow you’re so inspirational. Fantastic Reply Ms.Yeasha. .I could go on & on & on with this conversationSuch a Young Lady with a Powerful Story to Tell!! Wow, Now Miss: what Motivates or keep you going & any role model of interest!?

[1/14, 21:23] Yeasha: My motivation comes and goes due to people not showing actual support. You know Na when you post a video and get only 3 views, it’s disheartening. Something you put time and effort into making. So it gets to me sometimes and I pause for months sometimes like “why should I bother” but then something happens and I get a burst of inspiration and I snap back!Showing support really helps everyone

People always assume I can’t do things when they see me .. like “awww that poor disabled girl, her life must be sad,” but I know how awesome God created me And the way my family raised me played a big role in that. They made Me do everything myself. Never felt sorry for me.. they never let me believe I couldn’t do something because of the way I was created. My sister’s especially. I can swear that if I was raised in any bbm other family, i would not be driving. they would assume I couldn’t do it which would lead to me believing I couldn’t do it.

Disability is usually in the mind you know!!

[1/14, 21:40] #F.D: I have a Lot to Learn & A Lot To take From you!!: Now to Round It all Up

. . .

[1/14, 21:42] Yeasha: You ask great questions o.. I’ll be coming to you for some questions when I have an interview

#F.D:why!? Thank you!!😄😄

#F.D:Who are your role model’s??

#Yeasha:Haha amazing! As for my role models, I don’t have one specifically but I love Ellen, Oprah, Wendy Williams, Pavlina osta, Zuriel oduwole, Zujayhat Bello, Mr. You in Alain and Ebenezer Wikina. google the ones you don’t know… they’re amazing!

[1/14, 21:48] #F.D: So are you & sooner or Later you’re going to be much more than a role model to many out there.

Cos you’re already a role model to me & the whole idea I have. .

#Yeasha:Thank you so much! You’re making me blush.. I’m black o… please. It pains to blush. .

#F.D: Haha. .Great Black is Beautiful Too!! Thank you so Much for agreeing to be Featured on Our Series & We wish you all the best on All that you do!!

#Yeasha:Thank you so much for having me. You’re amazing & I’d be sure to tell people about your Awesome Awesome Blog!!😘😘
  That About Does It On My Wonderful Interview With Ms.Yeasha Mahamat Adam. .Below Are Her Social Media Handle’s & I Urge you all to Please Check Out The Great Work She’s Doing & Give your Utmost Support. .Thank You & Lot’s Of Love. .


FACEBOOK: @Aisha Mahamat Adam

Thank you Once Again!!!



I Blog On Relationships,Lifestyle & Pop-Culture •Free spirited •Goal getter •Adventurer •Aspiring Model •Your go to Personality Thanks For Visiting☺☺

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