•STREAK:I’m Still Intact & i don’t care what they think. . .

A teen’s tale:

     It was a stupid game of truth or dare on Johannes Birthday. .what was I thinking, why did I even go? ,but he was a Client to Oliver (my manager) & he’d say it will be good for business and my prospective career. .

   I don’t even take Alcohol and it was all over the place,I settled for juice and Booy did I get the guy’s laugh their wit’s off: ‘Sure you have ball’s mate they teased’!? Pfft: I said it’s my choice ain’t it??

Damn it: thinking of the whole thing just makes me realise,that I was this close👌to being taken advantage of. . .

  At some point I guess it just happens to everyone, but maybe just differently. .My Mum always taught me:”your value’s & reputation are your greatest asset’s, guard it with your heart and mind,always go with your sixth sense.  Waiting till you are married will be the best gift you can give to appreciate the Love you & your wife would share for eternity. .

Wait!!? Did I actually have this awkward yet very valuable conversation with Mum!? That was when I was 15,but now your hormones and temptation’s are just Like a raging fire all over the whole darn block. . .

   ‘Son: Self Control is what matter’s at the end of the day.You’d be really happy & Proud you waited,cos it’ll be worth it. .Said Dad one evening.

  And now here I am :it’s 1am and we all that are left at this party of tempt are whiling away time to a dangerous (but interesting) game of truth or dare. . .why was I not conscious of time & here I am bowing to peer pressure. 

Boy does this Night have much more surprises which I could never had imagine possible. . .

PART TWO. . .😉😉:you’d have to wait & keep a date: thanks for reading!!

Lot’s Of Love F.D!! Have a Pleasant Week!💓💓#motivationalmonday #LoveLife



I Blog On Relationships,Lifestyle & Pop-Culture •Free spirited •Goal getter •Adventurer •Aspiring Model •Your go to Personality Thanks For Visiting☺☺

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