PART 2:Monday Madness..

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  . . .we all deserve more than Folk’s In that Picture Above!!. .We Need to Jump into other People’s Lives with Love & Positivity. .not with the mindset & motive to bring it all crashing down to ruin’s!!

. . .Hello & Welcome to the Part 2:Of my series on Monday Madness: Thanks For Reading👊👊

Continuation. . .’Interesting Convo’:

Ms.Suzy: you’re not From Calabar are you!?

F.D:No Not at All. .I’m From Yahe!!

Ms.Suzy:No wonder you sound & behave different. .

F.D:(Smile’s). .Oh!! Thank you Ms.Suzy 

Ms.Suzy:You are a student in the University!?

F.D:Yes I Am. .

Ms.Suzy:You Stay Alone

F.D:No Ma with my Cousin,more or Less Like an Uncle Of Some Sort.

Ms.Suzy: Well I Like You. You seem well mannered . .it is against the bank’s code of conduct to give you my number, but I can give you my business card. .Give me a call & we will go out For Lunch I want you to meet my niece,she’s studying dentistry & I’m sure you’d make great Friend’s as you are both in the medical Line!!

 F.D:(Concerned):that’ll be great Ma . .I’d Love that but how did you know I’m also in the medical Line??

Ms.Suzy:(Laugh’s) you respect & Cutsy a Lot. .Like I said Suzy and I have all your record’s & data here.  You used your Student I.d card in Linking your BVN right!? Don’t worry I won’t bite you ohh!!

F.D: Yes I did. .

Ms.Suzy: this your Cousin is he Single??

F.D:No he is dating someone right now. .

Ms.Suzy:Do You think it’s serious!? I hope you don’t mind all these question’s, cos you seem rather uncomfortable Feel Free we’re both offering each other a helping hand. .

F.D:(Fake Smile) No No I’m totally cool(LIES). .yes and I think they’re both serious. .

Ms.Suzy:Well:my lunch is not Until noon and I can’t keep you waiting till then. .here’s my card text me & I’ll ring you up and then we can make the necessary arrangements!!

F.D:Thank you very much Ma. .For all your assistance!

Ms.Suzy: you’re welcome my dear & anytime alright!?

   And that’s how I got into a dilemma of my own.  TEXT her or NOT??. .it’s been a week today and I feel rather sheepish and immature due to my hesistance 

   But in this world we now Live in, don’t you think it’s quite odd and strange when someone(you’ve never met) just develops a sudden interest in you or your personality whatsoever!!?

Come on: I am just been Childish you may say!! But I refuse to believe that: you know what!? ‘I am been Careful’

I do not want to stir or end up being caught in some ugly ‘Conflict Of Interest’,especially when thing’s go south with this mystery Niece of Hers

NO thank you Ms.Suzy:but I’m currently SATISFIED & HAPPY with the STATUS QUO and thanks for the quick services (it was your job anyways💁💁)

 Or what Should I Text Her??😳😳

*In Case you get Confused on this story(this is the part two):the first is the Monday madness excerpt so do check it out. .

Thank You For Viewing: Lot’s Of Love as Usual F.D!!😊😊



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