*Fantasy Tit Bit’s: HATRED

      ‘It Consumes Like Wildfire taking you into limbo,a place you never imagined you’d ever find yourself, it consumes you,makes you inhuman,cloud’s all judgements & makes one act on impulse. .it’s fierce arch enemy •LOVE: it really does heals & conquers all!!’

Welcome to Wednesday’s wetday’s guy’s & thanks for viewing. . 

On monday I received this compelling email(view above) from a reader Mary Collete,who seems to be having a tough time too. .it was so touching I needed extra help: read our response below:
      ‘Dear Mary Collette good day,I am sorry but I have a confession to make,once I received your mail I had to seek extra advice from my guidance counselor. .I hope you don’t mind!? And collectively here’s what we both concluded on. .

     Mary Collete it seems like this is slowly turning into an ugly case of sibling rivalry, trust me it happens in every home but you can’t let it go on this way!! You have to somehow have  a HONEST, HEARTFELT & SINCERE TALK with your parents. .write a letter, use a mediator but most importantly I feel COMMUNICATION is really LACKING .

   Dear Miss,No human is perfect Marilyn may have brain power,the perfect looks or whatever but just know that you also are a ‘SPECIAL BREED’: and they (your parent’s) do care and love you. They may just be on a not so nice mission to SPITE & BULLY you into working on yourself. .

   There may be some FLAWS you may have as an individual (& role model being the Senior) that you may have not noticed. .trust me we all at some point have been there and felt like we’re not enough. But please your parent’s getting to know HOW YOU FEEL is the ONLY way to really HEALING.  Just try telling them how you feel,pour it all out and do not hold anything back. .

  And I am sure there will be a positive outcome to this whole situation. .KILLING yourself is not the RIGHT WAY:. .it only makes it worse & gives VICTORY to HATRED. .

I hope you can find the help you need reading this & reaching out. I am really concerned after your wellbeing and please DON’T GIVE UP(we’d be in touch)!! 

You are LOVED😘😘🙇🙇

As much as I can give my own take on this I really do appreciate if y’all can chip in your word’s of wisdom to help a TEEN IN DISTRESS. .Thanks For Reading!! Namaste

Have a Lovely Day: F.D

Email: realfantasyduke@gmail.com



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