STREAK:”yourself to blame”

An Awesome Poem I Bumped Into:

       “If thing’s go bad for you-                                     And make you a bit ashamed,                             Often you will find out that                                   You have yourself to blame. . .

          Swiftly we ran to mischief                                     And then the bad luck came.                               Why do we fault others?                                         We have ourselves to blame. . .

              Whatever happens to us,                                        Here are the words we say,                                 “Had it not been for so-and-so                          Things wouldn’t have gone that way.                                                                                            And if you are short of friends,                            I’ll tell you what to do-                                          make an examination,                                          You’ll find the fault’s in you. . .                             You’re the Captain of your ship,                         So agree with the same-                                       If you travel downward,                                         You have yourself to blame.*

Thank You So Much For Reading. .Have A Lovely Day!!😇😇F.D’



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3 thoughts on “STREAK:”yourself to blame”

    1. Oh My God😳😳. .I’m so very much Honored at this Nomination (my first ever): thank you so so very much. .This really is an encouraging gesture coming from your end. .Utmostly Grateful & Honored!!😊😊

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