• Fantasy Tit Bit’s: *Life is too Short to have a Boring Sense Of *Fashion* Or *Style*:Spare yourself the trouble’s & thee thy headache-‘get a stylist sweedie. . .

    Welcome dear reader’s to Fashion Fab Friday. .😇
    Ugh I miss doing this as often as I used to. .it Hurt’s so much having such Cool articles to write & post on,but such Little time(24hours seems to not be as much & enough anymore😡😡 don’t you just agree!?)

    Today’s Guest will Be this Ravishing Damsel —->

      I Have known this Lady as one who you should not mess with. .She is very pretty Yes!! But also very strong willed,determined and Poised for greatness beyond your everyday conception. . .

    She Literally Wake’s Up Like this every single Blessed & Beautiful Day(Given Friday Is Her Most Favourite day of the week: I mean ain’t it for us all-when we get to sigh & yolo: T.G.I.F😂😂). . .

       *Glam & Fabulousness is an Understatement in her World,to her Right are potential suitors & husband’s of different & every calibre. . .and to her very far Left:a Potential Budding Career as a SLAY fashion Model,entertainer and astute FEMINIST staged for GLOBAL domination!!

         Welcome to Her world: She’s Lovely,She’s Dashing & Regal in Her Own right. . .She’s Miss QUEENSLY FELIX. .and finally a brief bio on this exquisite Lady!!😄😄

    Your Name Please ma’am: queensly felix as you know me😘😘

    Any Hobbies in Particular??: Ok..hobbies.. Meeting new people & Reading books

    Your Social Media Handle’s Please??:Instagram: @queenslyfelix  Facebook: queensly felix

    Future Career Prospect’s??: Lawyer & a caterer

    How about role model’s?: Role model?nah none really!!

    Favourite quote :nil

    How about your favourite place??: Place Hmmmm..i don’t know yet. .I’ll soon find out Lol!

    What is your most cherished dream?: My dream is to see myself into becoming someone better & useful to myself & the society. .

     Finally: Do you see yourself going into Politics Or Activism?? Haha. .Politics:I don’t know but an activist definitely!!😊😊


    Such a Fun time with this goal getter don’t you think??🙌🙌.  .Thanks For honoring Us on Our Blog & Gracing Our Series on F.F.F

    Lot’s Of Hug’s & Kisses to you: your Glamness👸👸

    And thanks So very much for reading and sharing your most esteemed thought’s and View’s!! Do keep a Date with me on my weekday series. .

    As Usual Lot’s Of Love:F.D(Study Calls)💑💑😘!!



    I Blog On Relationships,Lifestyle & Pop-Culture •Free spirited •Goal getter •Adventurer •Aspiring Model •Your go to Personality Thanks For Visiting☺☺

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