Wednesdays worries:😅😅

Hello Guy’s Goodday & welcome to today’s series which will be a continuation post on the literal condition that we can all relate with, basically at some point in our individual & personal Life’s & that is 

     Depression!!!(SERIES TWO(2). .):

I would really Love to get down to business and address some of the possible cause’s of TEEN Depression & I Feel it can be related to it’s generality in discourse!!

    *According to the WHO “depression result’s from a complex interaction of social, psychological and biological factors.” These may include the following: 

    •Physical Factors: As was true in Marvis’s Case,depression often run in families, suggesting that genetics can play a role,perhaps affecting chemical activity in the brain.Other Physical risk factors include: cardiovascular disease and changing hormone levels as well as ongoing substance abuse,which may intensify depression, if not give rise to it. .

      •Stress:  While a Little stress can be healthy,chronic or excessive stress can be physically and psychologically harmful,sometimes to the point of plunging a susceptible, or biologically vulnerable, teen or individual into depression. That said,the exact causes of depression remain unclear and may involve a combination of factors,as mentioned earlier. .

    Stress Related factors linked to depression may Include PARENTAL DIVORCE or SEPARATION, THE LOSS OF A LOVED ONE,PHYSICAL or SEXUAL ABUSE,A SERIOUS ACCIDENT, ILLNESS, or A LEARNING DISABILITY-especially if a child feels rejected as a result. .A related factor may be unrealistically high parental expectations, perhaps in regard to scholastic achievement. .

Other Possible Causes are :Bullying(Boosting Ones Self Esteem is Key on this Note:coming from personal experience), Uncertainty about the future (Try to worry less,plan more & Pray), emotional estrangement by a depressed parent(Talking to someone you TRUST can be very Helpful), and Parental Unpredictability (Tell them Both how you feel of your doubt’s & Uncertainty, they should realize that any sudden or selfish decision Can play a vital role in breaking you). . .

  And that about does it for my Possible Causes of Teen Depression: have you got more!? Please do feel free anytime to Chip in your wise word’s and be sure to join in the discourse. .My Next Post will be on *What May Help a Teen On How to Cope!! & that’ll kick start the rap up of our weekly series dedicated solely to Depression in Teen’s & It’s Generality!!

   Thank you So very much for Reading & Visiting!! And Do Certainly Have A Blessed New Month Of MARCH✌✌

Lot’s Of Love F.D!!😘😘



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