DiaryEntryDiaryEntry. .: Monday madness😍😍

Word For the week: •Pure-‘onesty:being candid is what I ‘crave the most!! Totally😇

Hello Guy’s!! I am so utterly sorry for the Long Hiatus I embarked on. .totally unacceptable I know & I crave for your indulgence once more. .😅😅
Well to make up for Lost Post’s, here is an excerpt from my very first online Diary(or as I Like to put it •netiary😡

    😡DATE:-20/03/2017. . .            Dear Diary:   I do not believe I am doing this all over again,writing & dropping all my emotions and thought’s on a book page & knowing that I’ll get no response, yet just the thought of baring it all makes me feel better & a Little bit more relieved because I know you’ll not Jolt back at me,for any stupid or reckless move in whatsoever retrospect. .😄😄

    Today I ran a Lil bit late to school,as my Pal Trish was not ready on time and I just had this feeling that I may not stick to my schedule’s as planned: Oh Please Someone, Anyone make my Monday & Pick Me For your #ManCrushMonday 😢😢will ya’!?

     Diary I just feel every Girl I meet treat’s me as the Cute Little Junior Brother they never had or rather as the God sent Perfect Junior Brother with absolutely no Troubles at all. . .and getting a Male Bestie is Like straying into Foreign territorial domain’s with no Clear Sight of The path Ahead(Maybe the so-called Bromance ain’t for everybody yeah!?). .

    Dear Diary: today is the 20th Of March, and already I am feeling the Pinch & Effects of my Reckless Spending Of Money,Frugality does not come easy now does it??   But all the same:I am Up for a Definite Change & Healthier Finance Attitude. .Could the weekends not have been any shorter?? Ugh: It’s weekday Praise God Hallelujah😇😇

    Lest I forget Diary is it not Funny  that one moment,you have this amazing Crush on a certain individual that swells Up From God Knows where to the Brim & then the next moment when you get to know the Individuals personality a Lil bit more and it’s not what you thought it’d be,you are totally Appalled, Irritated & resented by the mere sight or even the mention of The so Called Crush’s Name!! Hmnn this world really is Funny After all ain’t it??

  Now if you do not mind here’s a view of my PERFECT almost to STARVE for PERSONALITY. . .

   Excerpt (•Netiary Page 2)!!🙌🙌



I Blog On Relationships,Lifestyle & Pop-Culture •Free spirited •Goal getter •Adventurer •Aspiring Model •Your go to Personality Thanks For Visiting☺☺

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