A Message From Tatiana:

*Fantasy Tit Bit’s:PASSION:

      Everyone has an emotion,a leak in the Fabric that make’s Us or break’s Us:

-an enemy,-a foe,-or even an ever Loving Friend.

Either way once found,it is a thumbscrew you can turn to your advantage. .Welcome to todays series guy’s & thanks for viewing. . . 

Now Here’s the Mail Miss Tatiana Sent In:—>

And Of cos down below is my well thought out response(Hope you all agree with me on this!?):

    •F.D: Dear Tatiana I am very much glad to know that you do care & of late,my schedule’s have been super packed with Academics that I have to Prioritize on Sponsored Blog Post’s only,& cut back on other series for the time being . .I do Sincerely apologize to everyone & promise to make Up for It. .

    Reading your mail got me thinking a Lot,trust me it did and I feel very strongly that you should Let your supposed Boyfriend know that if he truly Loves & Cares about you,he should not in any way pressurize you to go beyond your boundaries or moral standards at all. .

    The Case Of Unwanted teen Pregnancy & STD’s among young adult’s is on the rise:as everyone now see casual sex as the new norm & trend to be explored ,talk more of having a tape on it!!😥😥. .Consider this Dear Ms:•What Of If it gets into the wrong hands!?(Of which most of the time it does) •and what if you both decide to call the whole relationship off!?(you never know what the other party’s ulterior motive may be). .

    It’s Quite Simple Let him know that Sex Or having an Intimate Sexual tape does not make your relationship any better.  It only makes it worse as you’re being coerced into it & as a young adult you should be free to make all the right choice’s you feel Like. .A Special Bond can be established in CELIBACY and having a Clean SLATE & if you cannot get him to understand this, maybe he is not really the Type of GUY for a GIRL like You. .Thanks So Very Much For You Candid Mail😍😄😄

Hope that was a reasonable advise Folk’s & Please do Feel Free To Leave Your Thoughts & Opinions whatsoever. .

   *QUESTION OF THE DAY: Should Pre-marital & Casual Sex Be Discouraged or Encouraged!?😱😱Please do Leave Comments down below

(F.D: I Believe everyone has the right to do whatever their Heart Goes with. .Whilst being Very reasonable & rational)



I Blog On Relationships,Lifestyle & Pop-Culture •Free spirited •Goal getter •Adventurer •Aspiring Model •Your go to Personality Thanks For Visiting☺☺

15 thoughts on “A Message From Tatiana:

    1. Hello Good-day Ma’am!! Thanks So Very Much For Your Lovely Comment’ & I Can’t also wait to read more amazing content’s from your page!! Merci & Have a Nice day Ahead!!


    1. Hello: Good day Ma’am: thank you so very much for the Encouraging & Motivational Word’s!! & also for taking time out to Read and Comment:Can’t wait to be updated with Amazing Post’s on Ur Blog Too!!
      Grateful Ma’am!! Have A Blessed Day Ahead!!

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