Juicy Juicy:Anonymous😬😬

*Fantasy Tit Bit’s:DESIRE:

    The natural longing that is excited by the enjoyment or the thought of any good, and impels to action or effort its continuance or possession!!!        

                Whatever your desire may be:it Certainly better not be Overly too consuming

   .Welcome to todays series guy’s & thanks for viewing. . . 

Now Here’s the very compelling mail an Anonymous Individual Sent In:—>

  And Of cos down below is my well thought out response(Hope you all agree with me on this yet again!?): 

    Hello Anonymous: Last time I checked •Life is all about Loving Love Right??• First of all I am so glad I am getting a Mail from my Home Country Nigeria,where Amazing,Innovative & Superb Hybrid’s of Talent’s and Skill’s are born. .Reading your mail brought back some funny memories that some of my old time buddies used to talk about involving Relationship’s & all that:. .

  Dear anonymous,I totally get you but you really do need to have a personal indepth Analysis of what you want as an individual, when it comes to having relationship’s and actually sustaining them. .  I Feel this is what it’s Like for You:you have giving a Lot of Love Out and You Feel You Have not gotten any or none back the way you’ll be satisfied. .so you are out for someone who can fill in that space & Void!!

   But anonymous you need to be careful, you have to be sure Ms.Jacinta feeling’s for you are pure & genuine . .As an older Lady she must have certainly being with Older & More Sophisticated Men: So by now she’s certain of what she wants. .So Remember: What do You really want, In depth Analysis & An Overview of Your Desire. .

Thanks For sending in your mail Once Again!! So Glad to have received it. .

Merci: F.D!!😇😇

Hope that was a reasonable advise Folk’s, Hope y’all Are having An awesome week as we prepare for The Lord’s Rising!? & Please do Feel Free To Leave Your Thoughts & Opinions whatsoever. .

Thank You!!



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