what i feel inside😡😡

a seep from F.D’s Heart ♥:

 A random rant from the deepest VOID!!😬😬

  I Refuse to be EMOTIONAL, I do not want to be emotional one bit at this point in time. .but I know all too well these are all LIES & FALLACIES to the first degree. . .

     My HEART is at the border line of being “BITTER”. .: I am SICK of HIM(Let’s all call HIM the BEAST) because he is DEADLY annoying, devilish & so full of Himself. .

The MASSIVE PLANK that LURKS in his EYES have not yet being removed by His own Fingers yet he SEEKS so FERVENTLY & ENVIOUSLY for the Little DUST in my PUPIL. .

I am very much AWARE of Lotta his dirty secrets. .& shortcomings

I am very much AWARE of his UGLY IMPERFECTIONS(aren’t we all human eh?)

I am very much AWARE & have PROOF,EVIDENCES if you beg to differ. .

 Mind your own business will ya( you vile man) i have my own life to Live now don’t I?? I won’t hesitate to Bring You Down for how much so you have stepped on my toes attacking me. . & making me feel less of who I am. .you CLAIM to be so PERFECT and pass on JUDGMENTS but we know who’s WORSE. .

Dear Mama & Papi can’t know,I keep on pretending every thing is fine,what I know can disrupt the system. .soon very soon I know I will Finally EXHALE and have YOU OUTTA my WAY. .😡😡 this feel’s good,spilling it all & knowing that your bloke head never gets to read this, only those I TRUST will (How About That!?). .

tHIS iS wHAT mY hEART yEARNS tO sAY,tHIS iS mY oUTCRY,mY pASSIONATE RANT & I’m sharing it with y’all!!😇😇 Thank You!! 

DISCLAIMER: this is how I really felt on the 14th April 2017 10:22pm. .

F.D: Chill We Gat you. . .



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