sILLy ConFEssION!!😔😔😖😖

A Diary Excerpt From 10th January 2017:(a rather eventful day). .

  •F.D: Early this morning,on the radio they predicted the weather forecast for a sunny & Hot Afternoon and to avoid any inconvenience that the weather may bring,I decided to go on Shorts with a Light Woolen Short Sleeve with the slogan: *EVERYDAY MILF:written across in bright purple(why did I even wear that stupid shirt)!? As much as the shirt stuck annoyingly at my biceps, it did bring out my Upper masculine Frame & Hey we’ve got to give the shirt a credit,this ought to be good I thought. . .

   Little did I realize that the day was going to be more than just Sunny Or Hot Literally!!

We Had just rounded up our Lecture’s with Ms.Joyce our biomolecules lecturer & we were all stepping out of the departments library when Christabel said she wanted to talk!! I had not always felt comfortable around her,she always made dirty & flirtatious passes at me and I felt it was kinda wrong as I did not fall into such CACHE of INDIVIDUALS. . .

    But oh well:to avoid being called “Less Of a man”,or worst still “FAGGOT”: I Had to Play Along. .  Excusing both ourselves and going down to the Foyer adjacent to the students rest-room: Christie GROPED me!!! Yeah(I Felt Assaulted to the HIGHEST ORDER that an OFFENSE could be classified as): Booy was I IRRITATED at her Rather ODD behavior, I tried to PLAY COOL but only did she try to FONDLE & CARESS me(MEN CAN GET SEXUALY ABUSED too) and at that point in time I had to RID HER of such UGLY MOVE. . .

   “I do not Understand”: I retorted as she SMILED most rather SEDUCTIVELY,pouting her dedicatedly LIPSTICKED Lips: “what do you mean!?, I’m sure you understand most fully well.  I’m into you & think you are looking rather hot today,maybe a Little quickie & sin won’t hurt no one”. . .

     I was so shocked out of my wit’s & brain’s Dear Diary & almost blacked out consciously, but being a Gent & controlling my urge to shove her rudely aside:

I said:”Haha you’re Funny Christie but no thanks I’m having none of this”. .         creasing her Brow’s ANGRILY she stepped backwards & said: “Well I wonder what you have to say to the class,when I tell everyone how much of a two timed Sissy & Fag you are”!!!.   . .   .       pfft & to think you were worth my time’ & with that she hissed. .

  And booy then did I Know that you don’t wanna TEST the WRATH of An estrogen FILLED VENGEFUL DAMSEL in heat, there & then my week had just being decided upon to be a Whole LOtta :*DRAMA WITH CHRISTIE.*.

Help Out: Series 2 Loading. .

Thanks For Reading Folks!! Hope y’all are having a great week??




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