Soul Sunday

•Finally relief😡😡

    All the damn way to opsilon with things I worry about: this same thing’s that does not care or give a crap when my HEART ACHES.😥😥 my HEAD POUND😬😬 or my SOUL YEARNS😳😳

   I divulge into food & sugar: because I know for that Very Brief Moment of munching & devouring (who else experiences this Folk’s??🙍🙍) in that sweet’.yummy’ Flavor’s of Butter & Melted Caramel mmmn Booy does it feel Good. .  the Cringe Better!!

   I added an OUNCE of CHOLesterol. . .Naah: to vismouze with the EXTRA POUNDS. .besides my body won’t mind the extra warmth & cushioning😌😌

  The Craving or Thirst to be part of something Important can drive you to extremes.  But then you hold back Air afraid to exhale from the bottom of your PINK,SoFT & DeLICate LUNGS . .& wonder :was it worth it??😞😞

Heey try the :F.D No GIVE a *D* O Meter Test:

• Are U An Abrupt Foodie??                                   •If +ve:welcome -ve:be gone please.                  •welcome all U Food Lover’s!! Too Bad for the Overly too Skinny Dieters. . .                          •Do U find Comfort In Sugar??                             • Well: you have Being Very Nutty then I Must Say!!                                                                    • it’s time to RETHINK!!                                          –How About A Soul that Cares??                         -One that wants to Listen.                                       -One that begs to Understand.                                -A Soul that Never Judge’s But Asks the Right Questions: to your own Heart Beat,every Pump & Delicate Move!?                   • Do Not Find or Seek For Comfort Only.  how about °Refuge!?

—- in one way or the other: you have got to Leave your Zone to the °Refugee Lane°: to have a taste of what °humility & °selflessness in it’s prime really is.  

    Welcome to the Online Diary.                                   I am F.D your Host.                                                     & I am so delighted to Usher in Our Soul Sunday’s Week: Where. . . .well Let’s just hold on to what the Week Has Shall we??.

   Thank You So Very Much For Reading & Pardon the Meter’s Abrupt Rudeness!!



I Blog On Relationships,Lifestyle & Pop-Culture •Free spirited •Goal getter •Adventurer •Aspiring Model •Your go to Personality Thanks For Visiting☺☺

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