JUNE Vibes( 1min’s read)

Launch Alert Guy’s. . .

      Series Premiere:

 Hello Folks good day. . .alright here’s the deal,I have being away for quite some time now(I’m so sorry) but during that period I have being working on some New Bright & interesting Idea’s in order to grow into “an avid advice columnist” and grow my Blog!!

( more after the jump ). . .

 Here they are:

1.) First on the List:

2.) I am starting a New VLOG platform right here on my WordPress page where I will basically respond to some mail’s sent in as Usual. .I made the decision to start a VLOG right here,as I feel it will enhance the Intimacy between my readers. .really hoping y’all Like it. .PS: will be launching soon enough!!. .

Here’s a Glimpse😆😆:[pheew:it took forever to upload this Up]. .https://youtu.be/ObqN8_tncWU

3.) Gossip Catalog: it will be sort of like a series on trending news & the likes,you name it & it’ll be hosted by turner throbble: he’s Very Critical, Controversial, Candid & yet Sweet: Hope we all come to Love him as he Guest Blogs everytime there’s a news worthy of Sharing, basically giving you how it is right off the News Stand & Social Media!!  (A SNEAK——->😊😊

4.) FD’s Confessional:                                                      you know how we all are,full of secrets & what not. .& heey I thought it might be super fun if we could all share whilst remaining ANONYMOUS ( though matter what it is ). .  it may be an “addiction” ,”bad habit” & the Likes but who care’s ( come on I do ).   So why don’t we have fun together Baring & Sharing it all right??

So all you have to do : is send an email of your Confessional to Us at ( realfantasyduke@gmail.com) & I’d link it up right here & who knows probably get the conversation going on with Someone Probably with the same Habit!!  .

   . . .& to Kick start this New Series Off: I’d go First & Post My own CONFESSION’S!!😅——>😅

*TRUTH:  FD’s Unheard Confession’s:     coming right Up😀😁                

PS: I really do need y’all thought’s below!!😇😇 



I Blog On Relationships,Lifestyle & Pop-Culture •Free spirited •Goal getter •Adventurer •Aspiring Model •Your go to Personality Thanks For Visiting☺☺

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