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GOSSIP CATALOG–>[Guest Blogger: turner throbble:          . . . . Let’s cut right to the chase shall we??  ]

      Pres.Donald Trump Climate Catastro’what’??? It’s No new news that someone decided to usher in the new month of June With some Pretty Ugly Headlines (or so it seems.).  . .Trump decided to pull The US(a major key player) out of a historic Paris Climate Accord(agreed by over 195+ countries in 2015 by the way)

As someone who is very earthly & environmentally conscious fellow’s I am really concerned & I feel we all should be too .Our Climate really is changing negatively at a very rapid rate. .the earth Is getting Hotter as time passes

-I mean think about the devastating drought in North-East africa,rampart wildfires,blizzards, flooding,landslides etc(I mean you get the point. .           

 All this have being scientifically proven and attributed to Man’s years of “Neglect” & “Devastating”/”Careless” Approach in his quest to harness earth’s resources for his everly too greedy pocket’s. .
And too imagine that a Key Player (Such as The United States: by the way one of the largest emitter’s of greenhouse gases). .to just pull the plug,quit & move out: whoa do I personally think that decision was irrational, totally not well thought of & Immature- yeah real mature of You Trump!!

. . I really can’t be the only one pissed at this move,we need to stand up to Bipartisan Protectionism, Irrational Policies & what have you- everything else that is morally wrong & degrading to our Planet. Cos Folk’s this is Our Only HOME & we may just be LOOSING SIGHT of the Potentials-Of Our Dear Planet Earth!!!

Thank you so very much for reading. .      I Hope you most certainly agree with me!? Please do feel free to Join in on the Conversation & Contribute those precious word’s of Wisdom!. . & In case you missed it do follow attached link to view F.D’s New VLOG intro–>

    MERCi BEAUCOUp!!😄😄



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