mistakes(1min read)

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I cannot sleep.                                                            I am restless. .it’s hard for them to understand . . .                                                           How do I tell them I messed Up??                        I blew it’: when I would’ve done better.            If only I knew. . .                                                        to err is only human is it not!?                            Spare me’:-So much Hope & Confidence.        Placed on me they did.                                          & here I am in dilenma.                                        What was I thinking.                                                What were we thinking – stupid stupid Love . . . .  when I let that warm soft Lips on mine.  Stupid Stupid Stupid.    . .                                     or was it all for nothing??                                    Certainly not it wasn’t.                                          It was worth it:Like striking Gold -eldorado at Last. .                                                                     the Lead Poison don’t matter no more.           Rich In Excitement you were-we both were. But Down In thought’s you are now.               But it’s my mistake.                                               And I’m going to deal with it EVENTUALLY. .    

                     Archived-01 Jan 016

Thank you For reading this Old Poem Of Mine  . .Have a Lovely Day .. .Lot’s of Love F.D!



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