tuesday trouble’s 

F.D’s Response:

  Hello Dear Ms.Aeesha thank you so very much for your Best Wishes,do hope you come to enjoy & visit my blog more often.  Right:so I found your mail to be a very interesting one and decided to get to it on time. .I Personally Feel that in a relationship where both parties are adult’s & of matured mind’s, they are totally entitled to their privacy, at least on some distant & reasonable Level. .I mean ask yourself This-Why is the Boyfriend allowed to go through his partner’s phone & it is not on a Vice-Versa Basis-the thought of it being a perquisite to base trust on is totally diabolical & irrational. . .Even If the partner is willing to bulge & give full access, it is not always a guarantee & it should be noted that in cases where you see such trait’s of a partner trying to be possessive or what Not.-it’s quite dangerous & may be a potential breeding ground For Physical & Emotional Abuse. .So On those Few Point’s. .I’d Like to say I’m Totally against it!!

 Thank you so much for your Mail

  Lot’s of Love From Nigeria. . .

That’s It For today’s Mail Series Folks, Hope you all agree with FD’s take to an extent!?? If you beg to differ please I Implore you to down below👇👇(Comment’s Section). .Namaste’



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