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Living in an overly too sexualized world can get very depressing, annoying & tiring. . .The Pressure to conform to certain rules is overwhelming & only fuelled further by “the influence of social media”. .& that Is why I have decided to open up & share this personal experience with everyone. .Hope you all can relate with it as you enjoy reading. .Merci-Beaucoup!! 


—->Tommy’s Rant. .My Rant.. ..

. . .For some time now I have come to notice something rather awful & disturbing. .the issue of sexism & slutshaming is beginning to cut across both spectrum of the Male & Female Gender. .and I used to think that it was something of a silly joke up until it i became a victim and had Like my Fifth Experience Now & it made me to realize that our environment is really really changing at a rate that I feel soon enough it’ll become something of a crime/taboo to lean towards the Proliberal/conservative side.   .Look If I Walk into a Room & See some Beautiful Ladies Dressing & I Decide to walk out: it is not because I do not Like what I see or rather glance at that first “awe” instance. .but it is because I am a Gentleman brought up by my Momma to realize the Fact that I should be WellBehaved, Decent & Nice and that Women Should Be Given The “RESPECT” due them. . .& then later on stepping back into the room when it’s all clear you hear rubbish/awful comment’s Like: “the poor baby is scared of some boobies”. .or “he is so not a real man”. .or “pfft:he’s still a child” or worst of all “he is definitely Gay”!! . . .Like seriously: so you expect me at the first instance to just Hallelujah start off undressing & then engaging in some nonsensical act??? Heaven’s No!. .Thank You but I rather Live with those Awful SlutShame Related Sexist comment’s than go against my own stand of celibacy. .something’s gotta change guy’s. I am totally Up for Letting People Be who they are & Not Forceteasing them into something they’d regret in time to come. . .

And that is how I feel.. .thank you so much for reading. .Please Let’s connect on social-media shall we?? .

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My New Journey (1mins read). .

FantasyDuke:-the journey of an African Prince (-Self Proclaimed😇😇). .

     ‘Hello Dear Reader’s, Blogger’s & Friend’s: As I celebrate a mini achievement of almost reaching 500followers(-Haha: I know right)!?. . I Would First Of All Like to:

  1. Thank you all so very much because I consider everyone as Family of whom I Cherish so much on this online community. .
  2. Launch my new series (TJOAAP): as I share with you all my Life(Not very interesting but definitely full of drama & Smiles) which is to be documented weekly with special “Rant-editions” every Wednesday & Sunday’s. .
  3. I Hope Y’all get totally Love it. .know me better and Hopefully increase our BIG BAD ASS FAMILY. .

Thank you For reading & welcome to my World(At Least)!!!!  .

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Muah. . .



Grateful for Family. .true Friends & Life

New Age Goal’s:

1.Humility . .2.Finish the Draft of my book-which I eventually would like to publish online. 3.Get signed on to Ford Model’s (Lol Long shot RIGHT!?). .4.Outstanding Grade’s. .5.Bigger & Larger WordPress/Blogging Family. .6.Excellence in Endeavors. .7.Overflowing Grace & Love. .

Thank you all for viewing. .

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tuesday trouble’s 

F.D’s Response:

  Hello Dear Ms.Aeesha thank you so very much for your Best Wishes,do hope you come to enjoy & visit my blog more often.  Right:so I found your mail to be a very interesting one and decided to get to it on time. .I Personally Feel that in a relationship where both parties are adult’s & of matured mind’s, they are totally entitled to their privacy, at least on some distant & reasonable Level. .I mean ask yourself This-Why is the Boyfriend allowed to go through his partner’s phone & it is not on a Vice-Versa Basis-the thought of it being a perquisite to base trust on is totally diabolical & irrational. . .Even If the partner is willing to bulge & give full access, it is not always a guarantee & it should be noted that in cases where you see such trait’s of a partner trying to be possessive or what Not.-it’s quite dangerous & may be a potential breeding ground For Physical & Emotional Abuse. .So On those Few Point’s. .I’d Like to say I’m Totally against it!!

 Thank you so much for your Mail

  Lot’s of Love From Nigeria. . .

That’s It For today’s Mail Series Folks, Hope you all agree with FD’s take to an extent!?? If you beg to differ please I Implore you to down below👇👇(Comment’s Section). .Namaste’

mistakes(1min read)

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I cannot sleep.                                                            I am restless. .it’s hard for them to understand . . .                                                           How do I tell them I messed Up??                        I blew it’: when I would’ve done better.            If only I knew. . .                                                        to err is only human is it not!?                            Spare me’:-So much Hope & Confidence.        Placed on me they did.                                          & here I am in dilenma.                                        What was I thinking.                                                What were we thinking – stupid stupid Love . . . .  when I let that warm soft Lips on mine.  Stupid Stupid Stupid.    . .                                     or was it all for nothing??                                    Certainly not it wasn’t.                                          It was worth it:Like striking Gold -eldorado at Last. .                                                                     the Lead Poison don’t matter no more.           Rich In Excitement you were-we both were. But Down In thought’s you are now.               But it’s my mistake.                                               And I’m going to deal with it EVENTUALLY. .    

                     Archived-01 Jan 016

Thank you For reading this Old Poem Of Mine  . .Have a Lovely Day .. .Lot’s of Love F.D!

TRAMP TRUMP(1min’s read)

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GOSSIP CATALOG–>[Guest Blogger: turner throbble:          . . . . Let’s cut right to the chase shall we??  ]

      Pres.Donald Trump Climate Catastro’what’??? It’s No new news that someone decided to usher in the new month of June With some Pretty Ugly Headlines (or so it seems.).  . .Trump decided to pull The US(a major key player) out of a historic Paris Climate Accord(agreed by over 195+ countries in 2015 by the way)

As someone who is very earthly & environmentally conscious fellow’s I am really concerned & I feel we all should be too .Our Climate really is changing negatively at a very rapid rate. .the earth Is getting Hotter as time passes

-I mean think about the devastating drought in North-East africa,rampart wildfires,blizzards, flooding,landslides etc(I mean you get the point. .           

 All this have being scientifically proven and attributed to Man’s years of “Neglect” & “Devastating”/”Careless” Approach in his quest to harness earth’s resources for his everly too greedy pocket’s. .
And too imagine that a Key Player (Such as The United States: by the way one of the largest emitter’s of greenhouse gases). .to just pull the plug,quit & move out: whoa do I personally think that decision was irrational, totally not well thought of & Immature- yeah real mature of You Trump!!

. . I really can’t be the only one pissed at this move,we need to stand up to Bipartisan Protectionism, Irrational Policies & what have you- everything else that is morally wrong & degrading to our Planet. Cos Folk’s this is Our Only HOME & we may just be LOOSING SIGHT of the Potentials-Of Our Dear Planet Earth!!!

Thank you so very much for reading. .      I Hope you most certainly agree with me!? Please do feel free to Join in on the Conversation & Contribute those precious word’s of Wisdom!. . & In case you missed it do follow attached link to view F.D’s New VLOG intro–>

    MERCi BEAUCOUp!!😄😄

JUNE Vibes( 1min’s read)

Launch Alert Guy’s. . .

      Series Premiere:

 Hello Folks good day. . .alright here’s the deal,I have being away for quite some time now(I’m so sorry) but during that period I have being working on some New Bright & interesting Idea’s in order to grow into “an avid advice columnist” and grow my Blog!!

( more after the jump ). . .

 Here they are:

1.) First on the List:

2.) I am starting a New VLOG platform right here on my WordPress page where I will basically respond to some mail’s sent in as Usual. .I made the decision to start a VLOG right here,as I feel it will enhance the Intimacy between my readers. .really hoping y’all Like it. .PS: will be launching soon enough!!. .

Here’s a Glimpse😆😆:[pheew:it took forever to upload this Up]. .

3.) Gossip Catalog: it will be sort of like a series on trending news & the likes,you name it & it’ll be hosted by turner throbble: he’s Very Critical, Controversial, Candid & yet Sweet: Hope we all come to Love him as he Guest Blogs everytime there’s a news worthy of Sharing, basically giving you how it is right off the News Stand & Social Media!!  (A SNEAK——->😊😊

4.) FD’s Confessional:                                                      you know how we all are,full of secrets & what not. .& heey I thought it might be super fun if we could all share whilst remaining ANONYMOUS ( though matter what it is ). .  it may be an “addiction” ,”bad habit” & the Likes but who care’s ( come on I do ).   So why don’t we have fun together Baring & Sharing it all right??

So all you have to do : is send an email of your Confessional to Us at ( & I’d link it up right here & who knows probably get the conversation going on with Someone Probably with the same Habit!!  .

   . . .& to Kick start this New Series Off: I’d go First & Post My own CONFESSION’S!!😅——>😅

*TRUTH:  FD’s Unheard Confession’s:     coming right Up😀😁                

PS: I really do need y’all thought’s below!!😇😇 

Soul Sunday

•Finally relief😡😡

    All the damn way to opsilon with things I worry about: this same thing’s that does not care or give a crap when my HEART ACHES.😥😥 my HEAD POUND😬😬 or my SOUL YEARNS😳😳

   I divulge into food & sugar: because I know for that Very Brief Moment of munching & devouring (who else experiences this Folk’s??🙍🙍) in that sweet’.yummy’ Flavor’s of Butter & Melted Caramel mmmn Booy does it feel Good. .  the Cringe Better!!

   I added an OUNCE of CHOLesterol. . .Naah: to vismouze with the EXTRA POUNDS. .besides my body won’t mind the extra warmth & cushioning😌😌

  The Craving or Thirst to be part of something Important can drive you to extremes.  But then you hold back Air afraid to exhale from the bottom of your PINK,SoFT & DeLICate LUNGS . .& wonder :was it worth it??😞😞

Heey try the :F.D No GIVE a *D* O Meter Test:

• Are U An Abrupt Foodie??                                   •If +ve:welcome -ve:be gone please.                  •welcome all U Food Lover’s!! Too Bad for the Overly too Skinny Dieters. . .                          •Do U find Comfort In Sugar??                             • Well: you have Being Very Nutty then I Must Say!!                                                                    • it’s time to RETHINK!!                                          –How About A Soul that Cares??                         -One that wants to Listen.                                       -One that begs to Understand.                                -A Soul that Never Judge’s But Asks the Right Questions: to your own Heart Beat,every Pump & Delicate Move!?                   • Do Not Find or Seek For Comfort Only.  how about °Refuge!?

—- in one way or the other: you have got to Leave your Zone to the °Refugee Lane°: to have a taste of what °humility & °selflessness in it’s prime really is.  

    Welcome to the Online Diary.                                   I am F.D your Host.                                                     & I am so delighted to Usher in Our Soul Sunday’s Week: Where. . . .well Let’s just hold on to what the Week Has Shall we??.

   Thank You So Very Much For Reading & Pardon the Meter’s Abrupt Rudeness!!


Monday Madness:

#blogging #passion #motivation

  •From a concerned Reader!!!

 Hello Julie thanks so very much for the Concerned-Mail. . I asked for Observation’s & Suggestion’s, and I am Loving the response. .                                                                   Dear Julie I try as much as possible, not to Offend anyone in any sort of way especially when it comes to replying Mail’s. .I Feel I need to give back response’s that cut’s across all Spectrum as to whether Liberal, Conservative & the Likes & most especially Fulfill the task of giving good advice that will be Realistic & Help whosoever sends the mail in!!         Hope you understand my standing point now??

Thank you So very much for your Observation & Suggestion. .                                  I very much appreciate. .                                        Lot’s Of Love F.D😘😘

Email:       For More Observations & Suggestions.       Thank you!!


sILLy ConFEssION!!😔😔😖😖

A Diary Excerpt From 10th January 2017:(a rather eventful day). .

  •F.D: Early this morning,on the radio they predicted the weather forecast for a sunny & Hot Afternoon and to avoid any inconvenience that the weather may bring,I decided to go on Shorts with a Light Woolen Short Sleeve with the slogan: *EVERYDAY MILF:written across in bright purple(why did I even wear that stupid shirt)!? As much as the shirt stuck annoyingly at my biceps, it did bring out my Upper masculine Frame & Hey we’ve got to give the shirt a credit,this ought to be good I thought. . .

   Little did I realize that the day was going to be more than just Sunny Or Hot Literally!!

We Had just rounded up our Lecture’s with Ms.Joyce our biomolecules lecturer & we were all stepping out of the departments library when Christabel said she wanted to talk!! I had not always felt comfortable around her,she always made dirty & flirtatious passes at me and I felt it was kinda wrong as I did not fall into such CACHE of INDIVIDUALS. . .

    But oh well:to avoid being called “Less Of a man”,or worst still “FAGGOT”: I Had to Play Along. .  Excusing both ourselves and going down to the Foyer adjacent to the students rest-room: Christie GROPED me!!! Yeah(I Felt Assaulted to the HIGHEST ORDER that an OFFENSE could be classified as): Booy was I IRRITATED at her Rather ODD behavior, I tried to PLAY COOL but only did she try to FONDLE & CARESS me(MEN CAN GET SEXUALY ABUSED too) and at that point in time I had to RID HER of such UGLY MOVE. . .

   “I do not Understand”: I retorted as she SMILED most rather SEDUCTIVELY,pouting her dedicatedly LIPSTICKED Lips: “what do you mean!?, I’m sure you understand most fully well.  I’m into you & think you are looking rather hot today,maybe a Little quickie & sin won’t hurt no one”. . .

     I was so shocked out of my wit’s & brain’s Dear Diary & almost blacked out consciously, but being a Gent & controlling my urge to shove her rudely aside:

I said:”Haha you’re Funny Christie but no thanks I’m having none of this”. .         creasing her Brow’s ANGRILY she stepped backwards & said: “Well I wonder what you have to say to the class,when I tell everyone how much of a two timed Sissy & Fag you are”!!!.   . .   .       pfft & to think you were worth my time’ & with that she hissed. .

  And booy then did I Know that you don’t wanna TEST the WRATH of An estrogen FILLED VENGEFUL DAMSEL in heat, there & then my week had just being decided upon to be a Whole LOtta :*DRAMA WITH CHRISTIE.*.

Help Out: Series 2 Loading. .

Thanks For Reading Folks!! Hope y’all are having a great week??