Mental Health: Let’s Talk About It

Mental Health is a major and serious challenge in our society and at large, it is very much obvious that it exists within a substantial demographic especially within teenagers and adults but still a lot of individuals find it difficult being open about and even wanting to discuss about it. Why is this the case!? well for one it may be because of the stereotype always attached to ones admission of suffering from some sort of mental health issue: and by this I mean the ‘oh he’s one of the crazy people’ kind of statement that goes around in hush tones. 

Over the years while having  personal open minded discussions with some of my friends who were very honest and sincere with their psychological state, I have been privileged to have first hand knowledge about the issue. Ever since then,the topic has been of massive interest to me personally because of its scope and severity especially in my country Nigeria where as much as 1.5million individuals are thought to be affected by some mental illness or the other every year, the most common being Bipolar also called manic depression.


According to Wikipedia bipolar disorder is a disorder associated with episodes of mood swings ranging from depressive lows to manic highs. The symptoms requires a medical diagnosi manic episodes may include symptoms such as high energy, reduced need for sleep and loss of touch with reality. Depressive episodes may include symptoms such as low energy, low motivation and loss of interest in daily activities. Mood episodes last days to months at a time and mayInterfere with one’s daily normal activities.

Individuals Affected with bipolar disorder may experience the following emotions

1.MOOD:- mood swings, sadness, elevated mood, anger, anxiety, apathy, apprehension, euphoria, general discontent, guilt, hopelessness, loss of interest, or loss of interest or pleasure in activities.

2.BEHAVIORAL:- irritability, risk-taking behaviours, disorganised behaviour, aggression, agitation, crying, excess desire for sex, hyperactivity, impulsivity, restlessness, or self-harm.

3.COGNITIVE:- unwanted thoughts, delusion, lack of concentration, racing thoughts, slowness in activity, or false belief of superiority.

4.PSYCHOLOGICAL:- depression, manic episode, agitated depression, or paranoia

5.SLEEP:- difficulty falling asleep or excess sleepiness.

6.WEIGHT:- weight gain or weight loss

Also common: fatigue or rapid and frenzied speaking.

Thank you Dear reader for stopping by and reading today’s blog post,next week I will be writing fully on the treatments & medications for bipolar depression. Feel Free to share your own thought’s and opinions below and let’s get interactive on the topic of discussion. .Please be so kind and Link up to for the best there is in Lifestyle gist, updates & more on a wide range of exciting topics

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Log Book of a 20 year old Virgin: Pilot

Hello Good day Fellas. .i am so excited to share with you all my new web series and I hope you all enjoy it ,as I embark on this journey of self-realization. .

Yeap!! you’ve got that right. .I am a 20year old 6Ft2 72kg black male and I am still a virgin in all aspect: pure . .untouched. .& chaste. And I guess this is where I write “Welcome to my world”.. I will be dissing every and I mean every single detail about what this rather “STI. .Relationship Drama. .premarital sex free life feels like. .

Just in case for some of y’all wondering or already tagging me a “Loser”. .Lol naa not exactly, so here it goes

The Basics:- “Sex!!” What exactly is this sex that my roommate’s: daniel & ozzy seem to be so overly hyped about?? Just 20minutes of Pleasure(risky risky premarital STI filled ,Unprotected Pleasure) that they keep on blabbing about it!?? .and boy did I make a massive mistake leaving my diary so carelessly out in the open (that’s how they got to know of my choice to remain utmostly “Chaste” & “Devout”). .and since then the whole sex topic has become something of an anthem in my dear poor poor ears.  My Bad I guess. .

I mean come on:like the other day Ozzy was all up about how the night before(according to him of course) he had performed the most “amazing oral sex” on some Vivienne girl. .after that I don’t think I’ll be able to look at Ozzy’s Lips the same way ever again. .for all I care they have been tainted by only the Blessed Heavens know what. .(the thought of it alone is very disturbing). .

As if my disgust was not enough Ozzy went further to give some vivid descriptions as to how the female genital tastes down there whilst confirming that the “you are what you eat” tagline really is true. .given that Vivienne had some cheerios earlier on before the act, and he could taste some cheese and cracker down there. .

Brother come on,last time I checked and according to my biology: it ought to be nothing but body fluid’s (morbid and rather salty tasting flabs of skin) I do not think I can ever understand the dynamics of “Oral sex or sex as a whole”. .

Quick question: does that make me weird!??. .I really dunno. .but one thing for sure though

   My parents find it very odd(surprisingly enough) that I do not have a girlfriend at this Age(and oh did i mention that i just turned 20!?).  

Now there are two things I find very funny about this very scenario of their oddity. .

Please  to continue reading and view full blog post:-(view here)

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mouthful monday

Hey guys its Monday yet again & I am sure all of you can relate with the absolutely draining buzzling & sizzling. .

And of course with all the runarounds comes the need for food. .

And sometimes we are just in the need of something fast,quick & healthy (most times😉). .

And now I present to you. .one of the fast junky foods out there & hey we are going to be giving tips on how best it can be made healthy. .

Yeap you guessed right: “Noodles”!!!! Yum!!! . .Now we all have our own preference when it comes to how best we enjoy our noodles & here are the steps to mine…

“WHAT YOU NEED”:- A pack of noodles. .some chopped up veggies(carrots & greens)..Olive-Oil..boiled egg(or more)..Onion(you can never go wrong with these)..Fresh pepper(chilli red & green)..Seasoning(Garlic.Ginger.Cinnamon.thyme & salt to taste)..canned corn…


*put in a cup of distilled water into a medium sized pot. .                                                  *add some drop’s of olive oil into the water,place on heat & leave to boil. .                  *once your water is boiling put in your noodle & leave to cook until its medium rare..                                                                             *put in your seasoning (to taste)- I personally love to go overboard with the cinnamon & garlic & a Lil pinch of salt. .          *mix it in with the noodle & leave to simmer. .                                                                     *check the water level to see if it will be enough to cook the noodles to the right texture of your choice.. (I personally love my noodle a little bit moist: so into the pot I add some drops of olive oil & water). .                      *turn off the heat & put in your veggies to taste of preference (veggies do not need the extra heat) the steam from the noodle should be just fine to soften them up whilst retaining their juicy crispy nature. .                    *dish out & serve with any drink or extra serving(such as you name it. .                                                            *and you are good to go. .yummy instant noodles in a jiffy. .

Phew!!! And we didnt have to break a sweat on that. lol. .that wasn’t so difficult was it?? 

And there you have it. .A Healthy Fast Food for your delightful pleasure & your body will sure be glad you had some. .

Thank you so very much guys for taking out time to read today’s blog post. .my next post will be on Wednesday & we’re going to be tackling:“THE SURE WAYS OF FRYING YOUR CHICKEN”. .I do hope you all enjoyed this. .

PS: I Love hearing from you all. .do drop a comment on how best you enjoy your noodles & I will be sure to try it out sometime. .Have a Pleasant week ahead!!!

                    Chef Odie!!


Hello good day guys. .who else is super pumped & excited about the month of “may”!?? Well I am!!!!! Phew!!! After a long Hiatus: I am glad to say that i am back. .

I know I owe you all a Lot of explanation’s as to why the sudden abrupt absence. .but to cut the long story short. .I Lost complete access to my blog(I totally forgot what my Log in detail’s were). .and silly me. .

I was so drained I did not even know where to start with password recovery. .up until I got the sweetest message from a Dear Friend & Fellow Blogger inquiring about my absence (see attached chat log receipt below). .

After reading that show of concern.  I knew for sure that it was time I made a comeback and hey: that was where the struggle for password retrieval began. .

So here’s a Little update on what I have been up to Lately:—->

 Yeap!!!!! You guessed that right. .FOOD!!! & COOKING!!!!! . .I have so much Love for food. .the kitchen & culinary in general & so I got thinking. .Hey!!! It won’t be a bad idea adding a Food & Lifestyle section to my WordPress page & there you have it. .

I am now technically on par to testing out this chilling waters of “Food-Blogging” and I hope you all come to Love & enjoy what I have to share. .

Thank you all so very much. .I will be sure to start beeping all of you up & sliding slowly into your amazing posts & try catching up with all that I have missed. .

Phew!!!!! I have missed THIS!!!!!!

Thank You Guy’s once again for reading and sharing your thought’s with me. .I am super grateful!!💜💜💯

Dearest(A Min’s Read)

Living in an overly too sexualized world can get very depressing, annoying & tiring. . .The Pressure to conform to certain rules is overwhelming & only fuelled further by “the influence of social media”. .& that Is why I have decided to open up & share this personal experience with everyone. .Hope you all can relate with it as you enjoy reading. .Merci-Beaucoup!! 


—->Tommy’s Rant. .My Rant.. ..

. . .For some time now I have come to notice something rather awful & disturbing. .the issue of sexism & slutshaming is beginning to cut across both spectrum of the Male & Female Gender. .and I used to think that it was something of a silly joke up until it i became a victim and had Like my Fifth Experience Now & it made me to realize that our environment is really really changing at a rate that I feel soon enough it’ll become something of a crime/taboo to lean towards the Proliberal/conservative side.   .Look If I Walk into a Room & See some Beautiful Ladies Dressing & I Decide to walk out: it is not because I do not Like what I see or rather glance at that first “awe” instance. .but it is because I am a Gentleman brought up by my Momma to realize the Fact that I should be WellBehaved, Decent & Nice and that Women Should Be Given The “RESPECT” due them. . .& then later on stepping back into the room when it’s all clear you hear rubbish/awful comment’s Like: “the poor baby is scared of some boobies”. .or “he is so not a real man”. .or “pfft:he’s still a child” or worst of all “he is definitely Gay”!! . . .Like seriously: so you expect me at the first instance to just Hallelujah start off undressing & then engaging in some nonsensical act??? Heaven’s No!. .Thank You but I rather Live with those Awful SlutShame Related Sexist comment’s than go against my own stand of celibacy. .something’s gotta change guy’s. I am totally Up for Letting People Be who they are & Not Forceteasing them into something they’d regret in time to come. . .

And that is how I feel.. .thank you so much for reading. .Please Let’s connect on social-media shall we?? .

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My New Journey (1mins read). .

FantasyDuke:-the journey of an African Prince (-Self Proclaimed😇😇). .

     ‘Hello Dear Reader’s, Blogger’s & Friend’s: As I celebrate a mini achievement of almost reaching 500followers(-Haha: I know right)!?. . I Would First Of All Like to:

  1. Thank you all so very much because I consider everyone as Family of whom I Cherish so much on this online community. .
  2. Launch my new series (TJOAAP): as I share with you all my Life(Not very interesting but definitely full of drama & Smiles) which is to be documented weekly with special “Rant-editions” every Wednesday & Sunday’s. .
  3. I Hope Y’all get totally Love it. .know me better and Hopefully increase our BIG BAD ASS FAMILY. .

Thank you For reading & welcome to my World(At Least)!!!!  .

Lot’s Of Love F.D!!😘😘😍😍💯💯

Muah. . .



Grateful for Family. .true Friends & Life

New Age Goal’s:

1.Humility . .2.Finish the Draft of my book-which I eventually would like to publish online. 3.Get signed on to Ford Model’s (Lol Long shot RIGHT!?). .4.Outstanding Grade’s. .5.Bigger & Larger WordPress/Blogging Family. .6.Excellence in Endeavors. .7.Overflowing Grace & Love. .

Thank you all for viewing. .

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tuesday trouble’s 

F.D’s Response:

  Hello Dear Ms.Aeesha thank you so very much for your Best Wishes,do hope you come to enjoy & visit my blog more often.  Right:so I found your mail to be a very interesting one and decided to get to it on time. .I Personally Feel that in a relationship where both parties are adult’s & of matured mind’s, they are totally entitled to their privacy, at least on some distant & reasonable Level. .I mean ask yourself This-Why is the Boyfriend allowed to go through his partner’s phone & it is not on a Vice-Versa Basis-the thought of it being a perquisite to base trust on is totally diabolical & irrational. . .Even If the partner is willing to bulge & give full access, it is not always a guarantee & it should be noted that in cases where you see such trait’s of a partner trying to be possessive or what Not.-it’s quite dangerous & may be a potential breeding ground For Physical & Emotional Abuse. .So On those Few Point’s. .I’d Like to say I’m Totally against it!!

 Thank you so much for your Mail

  Lot’s of Love From Nigeria. . .

That’s It For today’s Mail Series Folks, Hope you all agree with FD’s take to an extent!?? If you beg to differ please I Implore you to down below👇👇(Comment’s Section). .Namaste’