Monday Madness:

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  β€’From a concerned Reader!!!

 Hello Julie thanks so very much for the Concerned-Mail. . I asked for Observation’s & Suggestion’s, and I am Loving the response. .                                                                   Dear Julie I try as much as possible, not to Offend anyone in any sort of way especially when it comes to replying Mail’s. .I Feel I need to give back response’s that cut’s across all Spectrum as to whether Liberal, Conservative & the Likes & most especially Fulfill the task of giving good advice that will be Realistic & Help whosoever sends the mail in!!         Hope you understand my standing point now??

Thank you So very much for your Observation & Suggestion. .                                  I very much appreciate. .                                        Lot’s Of Love F.D😘😘

Email:       For More Observations & Suggestions.       Thank you!!



sILLy ConFEssION!!πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜–πŸ˜–

A Diary Excerpt From 10th January 2017:(a rather eventful day). .

  β€’F.D: Early this morning,on the radio they predicted the weather forecast for a sunny & Hot Afternoon and to avoid any inconvenience that the weather may bring,I decided to go on Shorts with a Light Woolen Short Sleeve with the slogan: *EVERYDAY MILF:written across in bright purple(why did I even wear that stupid shirt)!? As much as the shirt stuck annoyingly at my biceps, it did bring out my Upper masculine Frame & Hey we’ve got to give the shirt a credit,this ought to be good I thought. . .

   Little did I realize that the day was going to be more than just Sunny Or Hot Literally!!

We Had just rounded up our Lecture’s with Ms.Joyce our biomolecules lecturer & we were all stepping out of the departments library when Christabel said she wanted to talk!! I had not always felt comfortable around her,she always made dirty & flirtatious passes at me and I felt it was kinda wrong as I did not fall into such CACHE of INDIVIDUALS. . .

    But oh well:to avoid being called “Less Of a man”,or worst still “FAGGOT”: I Had to Play Along. .  Excusing both ourselves and going down to the Foyer adjacent to the students rest-room: Christie GROPED me!!! Yeah(I Felt Assaulted to the HIGHEST ORDER that an OFFENSE could be classified as): Booy was I IRRITATED at her Rather ODD behavior, I tried to PLAY COOL but only did she try to FONDLE & CARESS me(MEN CAN GET SEXUALY ABUSED too) and at that point in time I had to RID HER of such UGLY MOVE. . .

   “I do not Understand”: I retorted as she SMILED most rather SEDUCTIVELY,pouting her dedicatedly LIPSTICKED Lips: “what do you mean!?, I’m sure you understand most fully well.  I’m into you & think you are looking rather hot today,maybe a Little quickie & sin won’t hurt no one”. . .

     I was so shocked out of my wit’s & brain’s Dear Diary & almost blacked out consciously, but being a Gent & controlling my urge to shove her rudely aside:

I said:”Haha you’re Funny Christie but no thanks I’m having none of this”. .         creasing her Brow’s ANGRILY she stepped backwards & said: “Well I wonder what you have to say to the class,when I tell everyone how much of a two timed Sissy & Fag you are”!!!.   . .   .       pfft & to think you were worth my time’ & with that she hissed. .

  And booy then did I Know that you don’t wanna TEST the WRATH of An estrogen FILLED VENGEFUL DAMSEL in heat, there & then my week had just being decided upon to be a Whole LOtta :*DRAMA WITH CHRISTIE.*.

Help Out: Series 2 Loading. .

Thanks For Reading Folks!! Hope y’all are having a great week??


what i feel inside😑😑

β€’ a seep from F.D’s Heart β™₯:

 A random rant from the deepest VOID!!😬😬

  I Refuse to be EMOTIONAL, I do not want to be emotional one bit at this point in time. .but I know all too well these are all LIES & FALLACIES to the first degree. . .

     My HEART is at the border line of being “BITTER”. .: I am SICK of HIM(Let’s all call HIM the BEAST) because he is DEADLY annoying, devilish & so full of Himself. .

The MASSIVE PLANK that LURKS in his EYES have not yet being removed by His own Fingers yet he SEEKS so FERVENTLY & ENVIOUSLY for the Little DUST in my PUPIL. .

I am very much AWARE of Lotta his dirty secrets. .& shortcomings

I am very much AWARE of his UGLY IMPERFECTIONS(aren’t we all human eh?)

I am very much AWARE & have PROOF,EVIDENCES if you beg to differ. .

 Mind your own business will ya( you vile man) i have my own life to Live now don’t I?? I won’t hesitate to Bring You Down for how much so you have stepped on my toes attacking me. . & making me feel less of who I am. .you CLAIM to be so PERFECT and pass on JUDGMENTS but we know who’s WORSE. .

Dear Mama & Papi can’t know,I keep on pretending every thing is fine,what I know can disrupt the system. .soon very soon I know I will Finally EXHALE and have YOU OUTTA my WAY. .😑😑 this feel’s good,spilling it all & knowing that your bloke head never gets to read this, only those I TRUST will (How About That!?). .

tHIS iS wHAT mY hEART yEARNS tO sAY,tHIS iS mY oUTCRY,mY pASSIONATE RANT & I’m sharing it with y’all!!πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡ Thank You!! 

DISCLAIMER: this is how I really felt on the 14th April 2017 10:22pm. .

β€’F.D: Chill We Gat you. . .

Juicy Juicy:Anonymous😬😬

​*Fantasy Tit Bit’s:DESIRE:

    The natural longing that is excited by the enjoyment or the thought of any good, and impels to action or effort its continuance or possession!!!        

                Whatever your desire may be:it Certainly better not be Overly too consuming

   .Welcome to todays series guy’s & thanks for viewing. . . 

Now Here’s the very compelling mail an Anonymous Individual Sent In:—>

  And Of cos down below is my well thought out response(Hope you all agree with me on this yet again!?): 

    Hello Anonymous: Last time I checked β€’Life is all about Loving Love Right??β€’ First of all I am so glad I am getting a Mail from my Home Country Nigeria,where Amazing,Innovative & Superb Hybrid’s of Talent’s and Skill’s are born. .Reading your mail brought back some funny memories that some of my old time buddies used to talk about involving Relationship’s & all that:. .

  Dear anonymous,I totally get you but you really do need to have a personal indepth Analysis of what you want as an individual, when it comes to having relationship’s and actually sustaining them. .  I Feel this is what it’s Like for You:you have giving a Lot of Love Out and You Feel You Have not gotten any or none back the way you’ll be satisfied. .so you are out for someone who can fill in that space & Void!!

   But anonymous you need to be careful, you have to be sure Ms.Jacinta feeling’s for you are pure & genuine . .As an older Lady she must have certainly being with Older & More Sophisticated Men: So by now she’s certain of what she wants. .So Remember: What do You really want, In depth Analysis & An Overview of Your Desire. .

Thanks For sending in your mail Once Again!! So Glad to have received it. .

Merci: F.D!!πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

Hope that was a reasonable advise Folk’s, Hope y’all Are having An awesome week as we prepare for The Lord’s Rising!? & Please do Feel Free To Leave Your Thoughts & Opinions whatsoever. .

Thank You!!

A Message From Tatiana:


*Fantasy Tit Bit’s:PASSION:

      Everyone has an emotion,a leak in the Fabric that make’s Us or break’s Us:

-an enemy,-a foe,-or even an ever Loving Friend.

Either way once found,it is a thumbscrew you can turn to your advantage. .Welcome to todays series guy’s & thanks for viewing. . . 

Now Here’s the Mail Miss Tatiana Sent In:—>

And Of cos down below is my well thought out response(Hope you all agree with me on this!?):

    β€’F.D: Dear Tatiana I am very much glad to know that you do care & of late,my schedule’s have been super packed with Academics that I have to Prioritize on Sponsored Blog Post’s only,& cut back on other series for the time being . .I do Sincerely apologize to everyone & promise to make Up for It. .

    Reading your mail got me thinking a Lot,trust me it did and I feel very strongly that you should Let your supposed Boyfriend know that if he truly Loves & Cares about you,he should not in any way pressurize you to go beyond your boundaries or moral standards at all. .

    The Case Of Unwanted teen Pregnancy & STD’s among young adult’s is on the rise:as everyone now see casual sex as the new norm & trend to be explored ,talk more of having a tape on it!!πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯. .Consider this Dear Ms:β€’What Of If it gets into the wrong hands!?(Of which most of the time it does) β€’and what if you both decide to call the whole relationship off!?(you never know what the other party’s ulterior motive may be). .

    It’s Quite Simple Let him know that Sex Or having an Intimate Sexual tape does not make your relationship any better.  It only makes it worse as you’re being coerced into it & as a young adult you should be free to make all the right choice’s you feel Like. .A Special Bond can be established in CELIBACY and having a Clean SLATE & if you cannot get him to understand this, maybe he is not really the Type of GUY for a GIRL like You. .Thanks So Very Much For You Candid MailπŸ˜πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Hope that was a reasonable advise Folk’s & Please do Feel Free To Leave Your Thoughts & Opinions whatsoever. .

   *QUESTION OF THE DAY: Should Pre-marital & Casual Sex Be Discouraged or Encouraged!?😱😱Please do Leave Comments down below

(F.D: I Believe everyone has the right to do whatever their Heart Goes with. .Whilst being Very reasonable & rational)

DiaryEntryDiaryEntry. .: Monday madness😍😍

Word For the week: β€’Pure-‘onesty:being candid is what I ‘crave the most!! TotallyπŸ˜‡

Hello Guy’s!! I am so utterly sorry for the Long Hiatus I embarked on. .totally unacceptable I know & I crave for your indulgence once more. .πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
Well to make up for Lost Post’s, here is an excerpt from my very first online Diary(or as I Like to put it β€’netiary😑

    😑DATE:-20/03/2017. . .            Dear Diary:   I do not believe I am doing this all over again,writing & dropping all my emotions and thought’s on a book page & knowing that I’ll get no response, yet just the thought of baring it all makes me feel better & a Little bit more relieved because I know you’ll not Jolt back at me,for any stupid or reckless move in whatsoever retrospect. .πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    Today I ran a Lil bit late to school,as my Pal Trish was not ready on time and I just had this feeling that I may not stick to my schedule’s as planned: Oh Please Someone, Anyone make my Monday & Pick Me For your #ManCrushMonday 😒😒will ya’!?

     Diary I just feel every Girl I meet treat’s me as the Cute Little Junior Brother they never had or rather as the God sent Perfect Junior Brother with absolutely no Troubles at all. . .and getting a Male Bestie is Like straying into Foreign territorial domain’s with no Clear Sight of The path Ahead(Maybe the so-called Bromance ain’t for everybody yeah!?). .

    Dear Diary: today is the 20th Of March, and already I am feeling the Pinch & Effects of my Reckless Spending Of Money,Frugality does not come easy now does it??   But all the same:I am Up for a Definite Change & Healthier Finance Attitude. .Could the weekends not have been any shorter?? Ugh: It’s weekday Praise God HallelujahπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

    Lest I forget Diary is it not Funny  that one moment,you have this amazing Crush on a certain individual that swells Up From God Knows where to the Brim & then the next moment when you get to know the Individuals personality a Lil bit more and it’s not what you thought it’d be,you are totally Appalled, Irritated & resented by the mere sight or even the mention of The so Called Crush’s Name!! Hmnn this world really is Funny After all ain’t it??

  Now if you do not mind here’s a view of my PERFECT almost to STARVE for PERSONALITY. . .

   Excerpt (β€’Netiary Page 2)!!πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

Wednesdays worries:πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

​Hello Guy’s Goodday & welcome to today’s series which will be a continuation post on the literal condition that we can all relate with, basically at some point in our individual & personal Life’s & that is 

     Depression!!!(SERIES TWO(2). .):

I would really Love to get down to business and address some of the possible cause’s of TEEN Depression & I Feel it can be related to it’s generality in discourse!!

    *According to the WHO “depression result’s from a complex interaction of social, psychological and biological factors.” These may include the following: 

    β€’Physical Factors: As was true in Marvis’s Case,depression often run in families, suggesting that genetics can play a role,perhaps affecting chemical activity in the brain.Other Physical risk factors include: cardiovascular disease and changing hormone levels as well as ongoing substance abuse,which may intensify depression, if not give rise to it. .

      β€’Stress:  While a Little stress can be healthy,chronic or excessive stress can be physically and psychologically harmful,sometimes to the point of plunging a susceptible, or biologically vulnerable, teen or individual into depression. That said,the exact causes of depression remain unclear and may involve a combination of factors,as mentioned earlier. .

    Stress Related factors linked to depression may Include PARENTAL DIVORCE or SEPARATION, THE LOSS OF A LOVED ONE,PHYSICAL or SEXUAL ABUSE,A SERIOUS ACCIDENT, ILLNESS, or A LEARNING DISABILITY-especially if a child feels rejected as a result. .A related factor may be unrealistically high parental expectations, perhaps in regard to scholastic achievement. .

Other Possible Causes are :Bullying(Boosting Ones Self Esteem is Key on this Note:coming from personal experience), Uncertainty about the future (Try to worry less,plan more & Pray), emotional estrangement by a depressed parent(Talking to someone you TRUST can be very Helpful), and Parental Unpredictability (Tell them Both how you feel of your doubt’s & Uncertainty, they should realize that any sudden or selfish decision Can play a vital role in breaking you). . .

  And that about does it for my Possible Causes of Teen Depression: have you got more!? Please do feel free anytime to Chip in your wise word’s and be sure to join in the discourse. .My Next Post will be on *What May Help a Teen On How to Cope!! & that’ll kick start the rap up of our weekly series dedicated solely to Depression in Teen’s & It’s Generality!!

   Thank you So very much for Reading & Visiting!! And Do Certainly Have A Blessed New Month Of MARCH✌✌

Lot’s Of Love F.D!!😘😘

Monday Madness:😭😞😢

Hello Guy’s Goodday & welcome to today’s series which will be a post on a literal condition that we can all relate with, basically at some point in our individual & personal Life’s & that is Depression!!!(SERIES ONE(1). .

  I am going to be focusing on depression’s generality, most especially it’s occurrence in Teenagers as I duly find myself at this point in time in that Cache!!

*TEEN DEPRESSION: Why? What Can Help?

   Some Real Life Experiences:

        “WHEN I have a bout of depression”,says Marvis, “I have no motivation or Urge to do anything, not even the thing’s I usually love to do.All I want to do is sleep & stay indoors. I often feel that I am unlovable,worthless, and a burden to others.”

        “I thought about suicide,”recalls Jamie.”I didn’t really want to die. I just wanted to stop feeling this way. I’m normally a caring person, but when I’m depressed,I care little about anyone or anything.”

   Marvis and Jamie were in their early teen’s when they first experienced depression. While other young people might occasionally feel down, Marvis and Jamie had period’s of depression that persisted for weeks or months at a time. “It’s like being stuck in a deep,dark hole with no way out,” Marvis says.  “You feel like you are losing your mind, losing who you are.”

    Marvis and Jamie’s situation is not uncommon. The diagnosis of depression among the young appears to be increasing at an alarming rate,and depression is “the predominant cause of illness and disability for both boys and girls aged 10 to 19 years,” says the World Health Organization (WHO).

    The symptom’s of depression can appear during adolescence and may include changes in sleep pattern’s, appetite, and weight. Feeling’s of despair, hopelessness, sadness, and worthlessness may also appear. Other signs include social withdrawal, trouble concentrating or remembering, suicidal thoughts or actions, and medically unexplained symptoms.

When mental health professionals suspect depression, they usually look for groups of symptoms that persists for weeks and that disrupt a person’s everyday life. .

   I’d Like to Cut today’s series short at this point in order to make it less boring to read & anticipate an interest. .I’ll be tackling the Possible Causes of Teen Depression on Wednesday God’s Willing after Tuesday’s Series(where I’ll be addressing a Mail). .

Thank you so much for reading on & Please do share your thought’s on what you think of Our Intro Series!!

Namaste: Lot’s Of Love F.D!!😘😘😘

Sunday Style πŸ™…πŸ˜πŸ˜±

SELFIE CRUSH SUNDAY:😘😘 Let’s all Just Admit it shall we:I’m on the Pathway of Getting a David Beckham Bad Ass Physique!!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

Now OVER to this GENT:

  For Our Sunday Style Edition: my guest will be this Photogenic Fab Bro Gregory!!

  Just Simply because your own definition of STYLE put’s us all out gasping in Awe!! Jeez Bro: are you not a Lil bit too over dressed for a Tuesday??πŸ™ŠπŸ‘΄

 Nahh I guess not,your SELFIE prowess knows no bounds at all,you strike at all the right angles,even the Kardashians will cower to thy skill’s. .

Talking & Ranting too much now I’m I!? Simple Suggestion: just become a Thespian In the Art’s Department Already:Science Just seems Like too much Of  a joke Right now! Lol.  .

Let’s Just Say F.D:is jealous at your smooth cupidness. .keep on strutting ’em enigma shot’s I beg of thou. .

Happy Sunday Lovely One’s:

& something to Leave this Beautiful House with—->

  Lot’s Of Love & Thanks For Reading!!😘😘 Have a splendid week Ahead!! 

Gist In A BitπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜

 A Lot Of Tale Goes Into This Headshot. .

   But I Cannot Comprehend the Reason Of the persistence with Many Insecurities. .Is it Selfish to Have Self Pity Once in a while. .What to do & when now is the question. .

I’m Certain something Positive Eventually will come through!! . .Stay Tuned To F.DπŸ˜„πŸ˜„ Merci!!